SubT Challenge Competition Tunnel Rules
Updated as of July 12, 2019
Tunnel Circuit Operations Guide (Revision 3)
Updated as of July 12, 2019
SubT Challenge Tunnel Artifacts Specification
Updated as of May 6, 2019
SubT Challenge STIX Interface Control Document
Updated as of February 11, 2019
Transponder and Emergency Stop Integration Guide
Updated as of March 25, 2019
SubT Challenge Questions and Answers (Revision 4)
Updated as of May 15, 2019
SubT Challenge Qualification Guide
Updated as of April 26, 2019
SubT Virtual Testbed Documentation



Competitors Day Slides - Overview
Updated as of November 19, 2018
Competitors Day Slides - Competition Details
Competitors Day Slides - Virtual Testbed Overview
Competitors Day Contact List
SubT Integration Exercise (STIX) Operations Guide
Updated as of February 11, 2019